How To Consume

Our sea moss is a RAW food, and must be treated as such. We often tell customers “treat this product like you would raw milk”.
We proudly serve only raw & unpasteurized wild and deepwater harvested sea moss without the use of preservatives. This is what separates us from the pack, along with our proven clean & pristine ingredients (all third-party tested), and with an A-grade San Diego County health inspection.

General rules for when you purchase a jar of Samadhi Moss:

✔ treat it like raw milk. Would you leave raw milk in your fridge for over 2 weeks? Likely not. So do not do this to your delicate jar of sea moss!

✔ Consume it. Plain and simple. We advise folks to begin with one tablespoon a day for the first day or two, as sea moss is a gentle binder; then gradually increase your dosage up to 3 TBSP a day or more over the course of the healthy digestion

✔ always always always keep refrigerated. This is a perishable product, and is why we wrap it in ice at the farmers’ markets and ship in insulated box liners with ice packs

✔ Avoid double-dipping! Clean spoon every time! You do not want to contaminate the product with your own bacteria.

✔ Feel free to freeze! You may scoop your moss into ice cube trays or the like, and freeze for 3 months, at least! Perfect for adding frozen moss chunks into your smoothies.

✔ Enjoy! This was created for you to enjoy. Be consistent, keep it in the front of your fridge, and notice the re-mineralizing and oxygenating affects it will have on your human system

Our versatile sea moss gels can be consumed straight from the jar or used in smoothies, juices, teas, and added to any recipe. Get creative with your sea moss and tag us on Instagram!

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    We strive to align ourselves only with companies and brands that serve the highest quality organic food with the upmost integrity. Here's a list of stores and farmer's markets where you can find more Samadhi Moss!

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    Our medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and minerals are sourced sustainably from small batch suppliers in Oregon, while our superfoods are fair-trade and ethically sourced from The Caribbean, Central & South America , and Asia.

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