Sea Moss Gel

Enjoy the numerous health benefits of sea moss in the form of sea moss gel. Each sea moss gel flavor has a specific taste and is tonic herb and superfood infused for additional health benefits.

What Sets Us Apart

Our sea moss gel is crafted from deepwater harvested sea moss and mixed with the highest quality alkaline water, organic limes, and additional superfoods, such as Shilajit, Spirulina, Chlorella, medicinal mushrooms, Chinese medicine herbs, and more! It looks like a puree and resembles the texture of aloe vera.

We Cold-Ship

Note: We do cold-ship to all 50 states! Ensure you refrigerate your sea moss gel immediately upon arrival, as they are perishable. Jars are made fresh to order and frozen before shipped, so please allow up to 5-7 business days to receive your jar. We use more rounded and thicker freeze-able glass jars that differ from the jar shape shown in the photos, but do not worry - it is the same amount of sea moss!