Bulk Sea Moss

We supply a small handful of sea moss companies throughout the globe with our 100% exclusive to Samadhi Moss, wild rock harvested sea moss. All of our dried sea moss is directly sourced from our personal divers off the coast of Grenada in the Caribbean and Venezuela.

Why Choose Our Bulk Sea Moss

When it comes time to choose bulk sea moss, you want to find a supplier that can provide you with high-quality rock harvested, sun dried sea moss at wholesale prices. Here’s why our customers love our bulk sea moss: 

  • Trusted sourcing
  • High-quality rock harvested, sun dried sea moss
  • Premium bulk sea moss

Bulk Sea Moss Pricing

Our bulk sea moss is priced at a discounted rate of $50/lb with a 5 pound order minimum, and we offer further discounted rates with larger purchase orders.

Please inquire within to place an order or to ask any questions about our bulk moss offerings by contacting samadhimoss@gmail.com.