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Sea Moss Powder

Sea Moss Powder

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Welcome to our 100% freeze dried high potency sea moss powder without the use of any heat, pasteurization, binders, or preservatives. One jar of our powder is equivalent to 2, 16oz jars of our wild sea moss.

Our ultra fine, purified and concentrated sea moss powder brings a superior quality to the sea moss powder market. In this 2oz travel sized jar contains 46 servings - each serving equates to 1 full tablespoon of sea moss gel. The vessel is black glass, which is more protective than amber glass to keep the contents safe from radiation while traveling and at the airport. Ingredients: 100% raw, freeze dried sea moss powder Instructions: simply mix 1/4-1 teaspoon into a smoothie, juice, warm tea, or water. Our powder is easily dissolvable and can also be added to any foods. Avoid high heat as this may destroy some nutritional benefit.


Storage: non-perishable, no refrigeration necessary. Shelf life is 2 years from purchase date.

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