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About Samadhi Moss

Samadhi Moss was born from the strive to help people improve their well-being by consuming consciously crafted and healing natural food products. Our wildly sourced sea moss is naturally raw, alive, and unpasteurized. Our standards are exquisitely high when it comes to sourcing.

Grenada Trip 2022 + 2023

From the Founder

In October of 2022, I took a trip to Grenada and brought along my market rep, Peter. We had an eye-opening experience learning about sea moss from the locals, meeting with divers, growers and harvesters all around the island.

We learned the difference between rope-harvested sea moss and the more superior wild deepwater foraged sea moss, as well as the different types of sea moss species. We were fortunate enough to adventure out on a fishing boat with two local elders who have been diving for sea moss, lobster, and conch (lambii) for their community for over 40 years! These guys had the athleticism and resiliency of 25 year olds (which they thanked the sea moss for). They took us out 18 miles beyond shore to scuba dive deep down and sustainably harvest sea moss from mineral rich deep ocean rock. They would resurface minutes later with heaps of sea moss, using an extraction method which allows for the plant to re-generate quickly, keeping the plant alive and without harming the delicate ecosystem of the ocean floor in that area. We were out on the open water the entire day, a serene and blissful experience to say the least!

We are working now with multiple direct trade suppliers from the island, as well as Union Island and now most recently, islands off the coast of Venezuela - all of whom dive down and extract the sea moss from ocean rock using sustainable extraction methods. WE DO NOT work with ANY rope-harvested or farmed sea moss growers. Our work with these divers are fair-trade, and they are personally-cultivated relationships built from scratch. We are gearing up for our 3rd trip down to the South Caribbean this summer. Thank you for taking this journey with us!

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    Our medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and minerals are sourced sustainably from small batch suppliers in Oregon, while our superfoods are fair-trade and ethically sourced from The Caribbean, Central & South America , and Asia.

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