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Chondrus Crispus 1lb BULK (yields up to 530oz gel)

Chondrus Crispus 1lb BULK (yields up to 530oz gel)

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Chondrus Crispus Our wild deepwater chondrus crispus is sustainably sourced 18 miles beyond the coast of Grenada, and dove for at a depth of 50-60 feet. Only mature plants have been harvested and extracted in a way that allows for quick and abundant regrowth. About 10% of what is available is harvested at one time to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the ocean floor. The plant is red/deep purple upon harvest. It has been washed on ocean rock and then sun-dried to a light golden color. Color variations are normal with this strain. The black spots are indicative of the sea rock and are perfectly safe to eat. The flavor profile of the gel is light, smooth, and creamy, it may require an extra lime-squeeze when making the gel to off-set the potent medicinal taste of the ocean. Great sea moss for start-up businesses.

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