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Revitalizer (16oz)

Revitalizer (16oz)

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This pure shilajit and ‘he shou wu’ blend is ideal for those seeking a boost in longevity and overall mineral replenishment. This formula aids in kidney health and supports hair, bones, skin, & nails. It is highly nourishing for the lymphatic system and assists in lymph cleansing.

Ingredients: wild sea moss, natural spring water, organic lime, organic shilajit, organic he shou wu

What these ingredients do:

  • Shilajit is a special and rare mineral supplement is refined from a fulvic acid rich phytocomplex mineral resin (commonly known as shilajit) wildcrafted from pristine mountains in North America. Handmade in small batches and expertly purified, our Wild American Shilajit Solution provides a unique spectrum of natural ionic minerals, triterpenes, antioxidants, and other micronutrients in a super bioavailable form. Long revered for its supremely revitalizing and adaptogenic properties, Shilajit is recognized as one of the most nourishing and life enhancing substances on Earth. In Ayurveda, it is called the “Destroyer of Weakness,” and is honored globally as a Tonic of the highest order.
  • He Shou Wu is one of the most ancient and widely used herbs in the world, and has long been associated with vital health and longevity. It is revered in Asia for its deeply nourishing and life promoting qualities, and is considered one of the premier Jing tonics of the Classical Chinese herbal tradition. He Shou Wu is most often used for its incredibly tonifying and replenishing effects to the kidneys. The Chinese believe that the foundational life force of a being is housed in the kidneys, and so fortifying the kidneys has long been linked with a happy and healthy life. He Shou Wu is also recognized as a liver tonifier, and regularly used for its ability to build blood and strengthen the sinews and bones. There are few herbs that effectively nourish and preserve our vital essence like He Shou Wu, making it a truly premium tonic for replenishing and strengthening our most basic nature.
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