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EquanIMMUNITY (16oz)

EquanIMMUNITY (16oz)

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Tulsi + Elderberry Immune boosting and energetically purifying

Our calming + immunity boosting sea moss tonic consisting of our wild deewater sea moss, 100% organic elderberry and pure extract of tulsi (holy basil) intended to help purify energy and strengthen the immune system.

This zingy berry is high in antioxidants and can be very beneficial for the heart.

 What these ingredients do:

  • Tulsi In Ayurveda medicine, Tulsi (ocimum tenuiflorumis) is commonly referred to as the “Incomparable one” for its’ stress relieving and immune boosting properties. As an adaptogenic nervine, it can help balance and regulate the nervous system. Holy Basil is also a powerful antioxidant and is known to possess anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is great for respiratory health as well.
  • Elderberry An antioxidant powerhouse, elderberry helps strengthen the immune system, possesses bioflavonoids like quercetin, glycosides, and rutin, as well as vitmins and minerals like vitamin C, B6, and iron. The berries are naturally low in sugar, and can support heart and respiratory health.



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