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What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a collection of mountain terrain ionic rock-minerals (84+ bio-available minerals) found in high elevations. It is postulated that these minerals are ancient sea minerals, as old and wise as the mountain terrain itself, and with potential healing properties that outstretch what we already know. The medicinal compounds in shilajit comprise of fulvic & humic acids, (ours is an impressive 22% fulvic and 1% humic) which are crucial for lymphatic support & cleansing, natural detoxification, and energy optimization. Our homemade shilajit resin solution is the ultimate LifeForce Replenishment, with anti-oxidants for protection, and triterpenes for anti-inflammation. The daily natural food supplement pairs lovingly with our wild & rock harvested, deep-water sea moss.

Our shilajit is directly and sustainably sourced from North America and harvested in respect to its environment, then purified and crafted with care. Most other shilajit products are mass-produced in India or Russia. Most, if not all shilajit on the market today is heat-purified. Ours is cold-purified over the course of 3-4 months, and is a 100% pure, clean resin. We make ours in a homemade solution so dosage and transport is easy & accessible. With this tincture, you know what you are getting. Our shilajit is cold-purified, technically raw, microbe-free, and independent tested for optimal purity. It is squeaky clean, and we have results to prove it.

One may notice a considerable shift in energy and overall levels of resiliency to environmental and emotional stress when supplementing with shilajit daily. It has also helps protect the immune system and skin health. Shilajit in Ayurveda is deemed “the Destroyer of Weakness” and has been revered for centuries for it’s medicinal qualities. It is considered a potent “Rasayana” in Ayurvedic medicine, meaning “rejuvenator”.

Why take Shilajit?

Detoxification (especially from heavy metals)
Immune support
Lymphatic nourishment
Cellular protection & rejuvenation
Skin glow-up
Energy & endurance booster

*Shilajit is also a natural anxiolytic, meaning it can help relieve stress & anxiety. It is also known to enhance fertility and support the reproductive system.

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