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10 FAQs About Sea Moss: Your Ultimate Guide

Author: Samadhi Sea Moss Founder, Mike Ryan

The fact that you searched for or clicked on this blog post lets us know you too have heard about the sea moss hype. So, what’s with sea moss, is it everything everyone says it is, and should you add sea moss to your daily health regime? We’re going to dive into all of that and answer the top 10 questions we continuously see pop up on the internet. 

What Is Sea Moss? 

Sea moss is a type of nutrient-rich seaweed/sea algae that contains many vitamins and minerals your body needs, including calcium, magnesium, copper, silica, vitamin B12, and zinc. It grows along the rocky parts of Europe and North America as well as the warmer waters of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. 

The most common types of sea moss include:

  • Eucheuma 
  • Gracilaria
  • Chondrus Crispus

Gracilaria 1 Pound Dried Sea Moss in Bulk

What Are the Benefits of Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a powerful superfood that can support your overall health and wellbeing. Potential benefits include but are not limited to the following: 

  • May improve thyroid health 
  • May boost your immunity 
  • Can support fertility 
  • Might improve gut health 
  • May promote heart health 
  • Can improve blood sugar
  • May help build muscle and improve athletic performance

A sea moss/seaweed study by the National Library of Medicine discusses how sea moss has antiviral, antibacterial, and antiinflammatory properties as well.

Where Can You Purchase High-Quality Sea Moss? 

You want to purchase sea moss from a reputable company that sources their sea moss directly from the ocean. Look for words like “wild ocean harvested sea moss” or “deep water sea moss” when shopping online. Beware of companies who use the term “wild-crafted” as this is typically a deceptive marketing term to mask rope-grown or farmed sea moss. 

It’s also important to get sea moss that has been sun dried and not bleached. Also, some sea moss is harvested in pools or on rope in the ocean, which can take away from the nutritional potency and rich taste of the superfood. Be sure to ask additional questions about the sea moss’s sourcing to know what you’re purchasing. 

Did you know? All of our sea moss products are wild ocean harvested, sun-dried, all directly diver-to-us to bring you the highest quality sea moss possible. And you buy them locally in San Diego, CA.

Founder of Samadhi Moss at the Leucadia Farmer's Market
Here's us at the Leucadia Farmer's Market. 

How Much Sea Moss Should You Consume Daily?

This really depends on your preferences and lifestyle, but typically most people take about 2 tablespoons a day of sea moss gel or ¼-½ teaspoon of our freeze-dried sea moss powder. 

As with any supplement, please consult with your healthcare provider if needed.

What Is the Best Way to Store Sea Moss? 

Store dried sea moss in a cold, dark, and dry area away from direct sunlight to increase its longevity. If you purchase sea moss gel from us, we recommend placing your sea moss gel jars in the fridge and consuming within 10 days or 

You can also freeze your sea moss gel if needed for anywhere between 4 to 6 months if stored in an airtight container.

How Can You Eat Sea Moss?  

Here are some suggestions on how to consume sea moss: 

  • Add it to your favorite smoothie or smoothie bowl
  • Use it as a substitute for eggs in any baked goods
  • Put it in soup as a thickening agent
  • Take spoonfuls as is
  • Add to your tea
  • Get creative with it, as it is a versatile tool!

What’s the Difference Between Truly Wild Sea Moss, and “Wildcrafted” Rope-Farmed Sea Moss?

1. Truly Wild Sea Moss: This term typically refers to sea moss that is harvested straight from the ocean and sourced from rocks or the ocean floor, via scuba-diving or freediving, typically anywhere from 5-20 meters deep.

2. Wildcrafted Sea Moss: Wildcrafted generally means that the sea moss was propagated onto rope in shallow water and farmed, suspended by plastic buoys.

What Does Sea Moss Taste Like? 

Sea moss has a light marine flavor, almost like a subtle ocean water taste. Most people don’t mind this taste at all and actually really enjoy it! 

If you don’t like this taste though, we’d recommend trying sea moss gel that has been flavored with additional organic ingredients, like our sea moss gels such as our elderberry or seasonal cider.

Our various sea moss gel flavors. 

What Are the Best Ways to Take Sea Moss? 

You can best take sea moss in the following ways: 

  • Gel form
  • Powder form (freeze-dried is best)
  • Other less forms include: gummies, capsules, drinks

Can You Make Your Own Sea Moss Gel? 

Yes, you can definitely make your own sea moss gel at home. Order bulk dried sea moss or our individual dried moss bags from our direct and exclusive source, and then follow these steps: 

  • Rinse well with filtered and then soak your sea moss in clean, spring water.
  • Let soak for 1-6 hours, or until sea moss is soft.
  • Add sea moss into a blender with the water it was soaked in (2:1 water to moss ratio) and blend until you get to a gel-like consistency. Be sure to add at least 1 full lime, squeezed.
  • Place the sea moss gel into an airtight glass container and store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, or freezer for up to 6 months.
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